All Billboards are Frangible and comply with RSMA Standards and Transit P/24.

For maximum safety all Billboards are completely removed after campaign.

Available sizes: 1200 x 2400 Landscape, 1200 x 2400 Portrait, 1800 x 3000, 3000 x 4500, 4500 x 6000.

Custom locations can be found, if required.

Discounts for volume and length of term.

Production for all Road Safety Billboards is Free of charge.

Contact us to see if you have a corporate rate.

Contact us for a quote on your requirements.
All Billboards are covered by full insurance and are graffiti and theft proof.

However if any Billboard is damaged due to theft, fading, weather damage or Graffiti it will be replaced Free of Charge.

24 hour emergency callout service.

Our service crews check, clean and maintain the Billboards on a regular cycle nation-wide.

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Rural Drink Drive - Click to enlarge

Ride forever - Click to enlarge

Unmarked Cars - Click to enlarge
Walk again - Click to enlarge
Survive - Click to enlarge
Burt Munro 2010 - Click to enlarge